Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Well, folks, I've been here a week now (it's flown by!) and I have lots of exciting photos to show you - but for some reason I can't get them from my dropbox to my blog!! While I figure out this slight technical hitch, let me just tell you that I'm having great fun and feel pretty sure I'll have to wake up any time now! I've seen Alan Cumming in Cabaret, drunk wine in Central Park, been on a gospel tour in Harlem, and chuckled at many a New Yorker. I am convinced that New York is wonderful but utterly crazy and hope to bring you some of this crazy in due course.
NewYorkBeCrazy moment #1: 6'5" beautiful black man with the body of a ballet dancer jogging/floating through Greenwich Village wearing yellow, turquoise and magenta and somehow managing to look like he was running in slow motion. And clearly feeling like a Disney priness. New York, you be cray-zee :)

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  1. Just discovered your blog my love! Glad the first week has gone well, looking forward to seeing some pics. Jealous that you saw AC in Cabaret, was it fab?! Enjoy! xx