Friday, 27 June 2014

We had to attend Orientation on Wednesday then a bunch of us went out for lunch - got a good feeling about my group: some interesting people. Spent the following afternoon and evening with Shawna; a Canadian filmmaker and actress. We had a nice time chatting about movies and actors and philosophies on life... We met squirrels and tortoises and drank wine and generally had a lovely, chilled day!
Three amazing buskers singing kind rock/orchestral gosoel music (28th May)
Shawna and a squirrel!
(A fairly odd, crab-walking squirrel who seemed unable (or unwilling) to go in a straight line...)
(28th May)

Perfect picnic spot overlooking a posh fancy restaurant
 - cheaper, less noise, and better view of the tortoises!! Cool! (28th May)

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