Friday, 27 June 2014

Look! A chipmunk!
Came across this little chap on one of my exploratory runs in Central Park :) 29th May

A beautiful, peaceful church I came across after orientation... 28th May
CABARET with ALAN CUMMING!!! So exciting! Welcome to New York!! :) (28th May)

We had to attend Orientation on Wednesday then a bunch of us went out for lunch - got a good feeling about my group: some interesting people. Spent the following afternoon and evening with Shawna; a Canadian filmmaker and actress. We had a nice time chatting about movies and actors and philosophies on life... We met squirrels and tortoises and drank wine and generally had a lovely, chilled day!
Three amazing buskers singing kind rock/orchestral gosoel music (28th May)
Shawna and a squirrel!
(A fairly odd, crab-walking squirrel who seemed unable (or unwilling) to go in a straight line...)
(28th May)

Perfect picnic spot overlooking a posh fancy restaurant
 - cheaper, less noise, and better view of the tortoises!! Cool! (28th May)

Have been a bit remiss with the photos - slowly getting caught up! Here's the last few days before I started my course...

AMC Cinema on 81st Street - delighted to be seeing the new X-men film (didn't even know there was one out!) (29/6)

Even more delighted to find out they had RECLINING SEATS!!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

For your delectation: New York be Crazy moment #2!

The peaceful sounds of Sunday morning traffic, dumper trucks, sirens and alike were interupted by the indignant fury emanating from a slim, middle-aged Brooklynite standing in the street screeeaaming with idignant fury to a couple of hapless construction workers that they shouldn't be working on a Sunday.
This pillar of the community had nothing better to do than go around reading the work permits on display and take it upon himself to uncover any infractions. His passion (and extensive vocabulary of expletives) were exemplary, and in fact you may sympathise with his fervor in upholding the law, but the crowning moment of NY crazy came when the helpless worker asked him why he cared. The red-faced crusader for justice reached new heights of hysteria, exploding:
'Because I live in world where there are RULES!!!! And if you don't obey the rules THERE. ARE. CONSEQUENCES!!!!
At this point we made an exit as we didn't want to risk getting caught up in the one-man-tornado but suffice to say New York be cray-zee!
Hostelling International NY - free WiFi, great bathrooms (essential!), lovely company, and a fab cafe with ENORMOUS cakes!! May 27th - June 1st

Hostel roommates Alana and Jade (?)

Alana, Shawna and I sitting on a turtle (of course!), in a bar called Turtle Bay in an area of Manhattan called Turtle Bay! What a coincidence!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Seems I landed in NYC in the middle of Graduation Day!
Hiya NYC!! Guess who's come to stay?!
Hurray hurray hurray! Genius Big Bro has helped me figure out why I couldn't get my photos up here! (I say 'helped' - you know I meant he did the entire thing while I looked on somewhat dumbstruck, right?) This photo is my first view of NYC when I surfaced from the subway - HUNDREDS of students + already-busy streets + Eilidh + 20kg bag + hand luggage = arghhh!! 
More photos to follow, y'all! Watch this space :) xx

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Well, folks, I've been here a week now (it's flown by!) and I have lots of exciting photos to show you - but for some reason I can't get them from my dropbox to my blog!! While I figure out this slight technical hitch, let me just tell you that I'm having great fun and feel pretty sure I'll have to wake up any time now! I've seen Alan Cumming in Cabaret, drunk wine in Central Park, been on a gospel tour in Harlem, and chuckled at many a New Yorker. I am convinced that New York is wonderful but utterly crazy and hope to bring you some of this crazy in due course.
NewYorkBeCrazy moment #1: 6'5" beautiful black man with the body of a ballet dancer jogging/floating through Greenwich Village wearing yellow, turquoise and magenta and somehow managing to look like he was running in slow motion. And clearly feeling like a Disney priness. New York, you be cray-zee :)