Thursday, 19 June 2014

For your delectation: New York be Crazy moment #2!

The peaceful sounds of Sunday morning traffic, dumper trucks, sirens and alike were interupted by the indignant fury emanating from a slim, middle-aged Brooklynite standing in the street screeeaaming with idignant fury to a couple of hapless construction workers that they shouldn't be working on a Sunday.
This pillar of the community had nothing better to do than go around reading the work permits on display and take it upon himself to uncover any infractions. His passion (and extensive vocabulary of expletives) were exemplary, and in fact you may sympathise with his fervor in upholding the law, but the crowning moment of NY crazy came when the helpless worker asked him why he cared. The red-faced crusader for justice reached new heights of hysteria, exploding:
'Because I live in world where there are RULES!!!! And if you don't obey the rules THERE. ARE. CONSEQUENCES!!!!
At this point we made an exit as we didn't want to risk getting caught up in the one-man-tornado but suffice to say New York be cray-zee!

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