Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Some culinary highlights...

My very own Ultimate Donut! Boston creme centre, apple caramel topping with graham cracker crumb with fudge sauce... Heaven! (And they CLAIMED it was only 230 calories and 5g of fat! Haha I don't even care if they lied to me, it was delicious!)

The build-your-own-'low-fat'-donut shop, Holey Donuts, in the West Village (31/5/14). Might need to pay a return visit...

Definitely nothing low-fat to be found here! Insomnia Cookies somewhere near my hostel on 103rd and Columbus Av. Went out for sushi with some lovely Australians then topped the night off with a 540 calories S'mores Deluxe cookie: huge chocolate chips, graham cracker chunks, marshmallows... I regret nothing!

Big Bro and I took a looong walk from the Brooklyn Bridge through China Town to Little Italy in search of John's Pizza (billed as the 'best in New York'!). It was certainly a lot more tasty than a $1 slice in Midtown! (11/6/14)

Yep. A WALL of M&Ms. Three walls, in fact.
In the interests of cultural appreciation I had to sample the local delicacy...
A lot. (8/6/14)

A bit more catch-up: Visit from Big Bro!

Scott came to visit me for a whole week, just after I started acting school. We had great fun doing lots of touristy things and eating stuff! It was so nice to spend proper time together - don't think we've spent that long together since we were kids! At least he doesn't beat me up anymore...

Twilight Cruise to the Statue of Liberty. Really good tour guide with lots of interesting stories. And we didn't even get sea sick! (11/6/14)

Me plus Statue.

Big Bro is nearly as big as the Brooklyn Bridge!

Finally catching up!

So, as we could have predicted, a technical hitch has delayed me in getting my photos up here (well, that and I've been out having too much fun!) The hitch in fact had a frustratingly simple explanation but I swear this Samsung just changed things around while I wasn't looking... Here are a few more photos from my early days - can't believe how quickly time has gone!

New York be Crazee #3 (or are we on 4 now? I lose count...): This colourful lady wanted to wear her Fanta can hat today. So she did. And who's going to stop her? You're all just jealous that nobody made you one! (28/5/14)

NYbCrazee #4: My tour guide for the "Brooklyn Bridge Tour" - officially the worst tour guide in NYC! Kept telling us he wasn't there to babysit us and that he didn't really speak English, and after 4.5 HOURS (which included subway rides, a lot of walking, a ferry to Staten Island and back, many people dropping out, and no useful information whatsoever from our 'guide') the remaining handful of us finally found our way to the Brooklyn Bridge! (31/5/14)

NYbCrazee#5: Me! I have fully succumbed to the wonderful craziness of NYC and intend to embrace it! Here I am with my new friend, Marge Simpson - my first celebrity sighting!! (11/6/14)