Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Some culinary highlights...

My very own Ultimate Donut! Boston creme centre, apple caramel topping with graham cracker crumb with fudge sauce... Heaven! (And they CLAIMED it was only 230 calories and 5g of fat! Haha I don't even care if they lied to me, it was delicious!)

The build-your-own-'low-fat'-donut shop, Holey Donuts, in the West Village (31/5/14). Might need to pay a return visit...

Definitely nothing low-fat to be found here! Insomnia Cookies somewhere near my hostel on 103rd and Columbus Av. Went out for sushi with some lovely Australians then topped the night off with a 540 calories S'mores Deluxe cookie: huge chocolate chips, graham cracker chunks, marshmallows... I regret nothing!

Big Bro and I took a looong walk from the Brooklyn Bridge through China Town to Little Italy in search of John's Pizza (billed as the 'best in New York'!). It was certainly a lot more tasty than a $1 slice in Midtown! (11/6/14)

Yep. A WALL of M&Ms. Three walls, in fact.
In the interests of cultural appreciation I had to sample the local delicacy...
A lot. (8/6/14)

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